What We Do
Our primary goal at Range of Motion Fitness is to help people overcome chronic aches and pains so they can return to or continue doing all the activities they love.
We teach people exercise to help alleviate pain related to the symptoms of: Sciatica Plantar, Fasciitis, Hip Bursitis, Disc Issues, Rotator Cuff, Tennis Elbow, Headaches and much more!

This man is amazing! He is tailoring a mobility plan for my low back pain and I'm so happy I took the leap to get help. I can't sing his praises enough. Last night we spent 45 mins on Skype talking about why my back and right knee hurt and he explained it so I could understand. I finally feel hope and I am so excited to get started on my plan. I can't wait to see where we are in a few months from now. If you have any issues with pain or mobility, Jeremy McCann at Range of Motion fitness will help you!!!

Aprile Spilde

Insightful, straight to point even on videos. Good knowledge base for even beginners to pick up. Good for all levels to know and learn as well as use.

Jaki Taylor

This has been life changing! I went from being in pain a lot and always always being sore after a workout. Now I feel like I can hit workout after workout because I know I have to tools to make sure my body is aligned properly. I have also noticed huge improvements in how I sit and stand. My posture has greatly improved! Best thing-pain free!!

Crystal Hurst
Become a Better Human
If bones are in the wrong place, muscles will be the wrong length and how we move will be altered. Your posture matters. Improving your mobility starts with an understanding that we need to get your joints in alignment, so our muscles can do what they are supposed to.

GET a Personalized Mobility Plan made. Please take a look at our options for hwo how to go from pain to fitness. Become a Better Human

Online Assessment & Services
3. Online Assessments and Services---Lets have the caption underneath it read “ We offer a few different customized services that allow us to create mobility and corrective exercise programs for athletes all around the world.
Fitness Blog
Range of Motion Fitness is a corrective exercise blog that inform's the world how to be a better human.