I don’t speak English, can I still sign up for The Personalized Mobility Plan or The Body Blueprint?

YES. Skype has a voice translation service which allows us to speak into two different languages yet communicate.

What is the difference between you’re the Body Blueprint, The Personalized Mobility Plan and The Fitness Movement Assessment.

The assessments and exercise prescription for The Body Blueprint(TBB) and The Personalized Mobility Plan (TPMP) are same. The only difference is that the TBB is updated as needed once-a-week for 6 weeks via email. The assessments for The Fitness Movement Assessment are done through detailed video that you will email me. I base my exercise prescription off of that.

What forms of payment do you accept?

All forms of payment are accepted, including Paypal.

I want to make a purchase for a friend, how do I do that?

Send an email to Jeremy@romfit.com and just let me know the email address you would like the homework sent to.

Can I use other programs while using this?

I make suggestions based upon individual assessments but I encourage that you take the results of our assessment and the program that we create to any other professionals (chiropractor, physical therapist, etc).

How much time do the exercises take?

Generally between 15-20 minutes a day.