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It boils down to this:

If one part doesn’t move well, then another part will try to make up for it.

Your vertebrae in your upper back were designed to allow you to twist very well (about 24 degrees) whereas the lower back…not so much (only 12 degrees).

If your upper gets locked up for whatever reason, then it wont move well at all. Guess who has to try and make up the difference?

YUP….your lower back.


The truth lies in 2 parts:

(1) Your spine is one piece with alternating curves in it. The individual vertebrae of the upper back (thoracic vertebrae) are designed to allow us to twist at our shoulders. This is important, because this allows our rib cage to twist when we do things like walking, running and throwing. Our rib cage is the attachment point for all the powerful muscles that make our core musculature. On the other hand, the vertebrae in the lower back (lumbar) were designed to allow us to “side-flex.” This is ability you use when are reaching deep into your pockets.

(2) The brain doesn’t care about that. The brain just wants to get the job done. In other words, if you are limited in rotation through your thoracic spine you brain will ask your lumber region to take on the stress.


That’s just not good.