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PLASTIC OR METAL, SIR….(they can actually put that in your knee!)

TRUTH: If you have a perfect squat you WON’T have a knee problem caused by exercise.

TRUTH: Most people DON’T have a perfect squat.

HONESTY: You don’t really need to either.

When it comes down to it, much of HOW we move is dependent upon HOW our joints work. Things like old injuries, bad habits and over-use can influence how each joint in your body moves.

Think about it, to squat perfectly you need to be able to:

-bend evenly from both calf muscles
-flex from your hip to full capacity
-have a core strong enough to hold your spine (PLUS barbell) upright
-have shoulder flexibility enough to get arms underneath the bar
-maintain head position to prevent upper back from collapsing

IF YOU DON’T, your knees will likely pay the price!

REMEMBER; our knee suffers because our hip and ankle are not friendly with each other. We won’t really ever solve chronic knee until we better understand the hip and ankle.


 Spend ten minutes every squat session doing the mobility that you need.

Don’t test your ANATOMY, do something to PRESERVE it and THRIVE.