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With the New Year having just passed, the general trend has been for the greater majority of our population to “move” more. Whether it is returning to Crossfit or starting a walking routine lunch time,  exercising versus NOT exercising is seen as a good thing.

WELL, may be not?

More than 4.4 million people will report having a bunion this year. A bunion is growth on the that occurs when we don’t use our big toe to push off from as we take a step forward and instead use the inside part of our foot.

TRUTH: BUNIONS (a bent big toe) are made, not inherited.
Your BIG TOE is tattle tell for how well you hips are working. We have a big fatty pad on the bottom of our toe because we supposed to PUSH off of this area when we walk, run, and throw. If we have big toe that is BENT (bunion) this is a really good indication that you are NOT using this pad and instead rotating from somewhere else (hip, lower leg, etc) and taking on stress on the inside of your big toe instead.
Essentially your big toe just loses flexibility because it isn’t used correctly.

The problem with this is that the foot attaches to the lower leg which meets the upper thigh at the knee. The upper thigh connects into the hip which attaches itself to spine at the tailbone.  If your foot is constantly hitting the ground the wrong way you will be creating stress throughout your entire body. 

This could easily be the reason you have knee, hip, low back or even shoulder pain that doesn’t seem to away. Think about it for a second…every time that your foot rotates, your lower leg must rotate, so does your knee, hip…etc.

THAT is not good.