You don’t have to just take what you are given.

If you want something better for yourself…you have to go after it and work.

DISCLAIMER: Before reading this, understand that there is NO BAD POSTURE. Your body adapts to what you do most. That is a beautiful thing. We only talk posture, when something is wrong.

On that note…..

Fixing your posture, eliminating pain, moving better….those are things that you can change, you just have to do it. Not only is it something you can do, it is something that is necessary if you want to perform at a high level and avoid injury. 

To understand the importance of your posture, think about your car for a second. When you have a tire that is flat, the other parts of your car have to work harder for you to drive. Same story with your posture. If we have bone that is out of place, the rest of your body suffers when move.

Unlike your car, we can’t just order up new parts to replace bad one’s.

I have three rules for you today:

1. Show up—you can’t change if you aren’t present.
2. Keep it simple —you don’t need one sexy exercise after the next, JUST DO the basics.
3. Effort—work hard when you need to but recover when you are supposed to.

With that in mind, here are a few specific goals for each exercise session:


  1. Pain-Relief – Address painful areas with self massage. Self massage (foam roller, tennis ball, etc) can be used to relax over-worked areas.
  2. Mobility – Base your “mobility” drills upon, (1) what asymmetries you have (2) what your workout calls for (ie deadlift versus squat pattern etc.)
  3. Core – If you have postural alignment issue, you also have a core issue.


  1. Correctives – These strategies can help avoid pain and restore balance. Say for instance you are  “quad dominant” and your workout calls for squats. Between sets, we can (1) roll out your quads to “turn them off” and force you to use glutes more or (2) we can band your knees and force yourself to “turn-on” your glutes by pushing your knees out.


  1. RE-SET YOUR POSTURE – Basically we want to reverse your workout. So if we did a lot during the session to make you flex the hips, we want to reverse this by making your extend your hips.

The beauty of our body is that it can ADAPT  to what you give it. If you want be better balanced and improve your alignment you just need to TRAIN it.