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“E V E R Y T H I N G is a clue.”

If your big toe is bent this is a very good indication that your foot is not striking the ground appropriately. THIS COULD MEAN your hip doesn’t rotate well. Considering that your pelvis bones are separated by your tailbone and your tailbone connects to your spine…your SHOULDER MAY SUFFER.

Here is why:

The gait cycle (walking) can be very useful assessment tool for a couple of reasons:

(1) People do it everyday and so it is not a complicated move. Often times, assessment exercises (overhead squat for example) can be complicated and a person might not know how to move correctly. This can mislead us into believing mobility restrictions or muscle imbalances exsist.

(2) It displays essential movement requirements at each of the major joints. Your foot has to be able to be able to transfer weight, you ankle needs to bend to absorb impact, your hip has to flex, torso twist and head stabilize.

If one of these things don’t happen, your body will receive stress in places that it shouldn’t.

WHAT WE SEE: Of the deviations that are unfortunately common is a leg/hip that doesn’t rotate inwards well. When we walk the back leg needs to have this ability to rotate in to build up energy in the hips to take the next step forward.

WHY THIS IS A PROBLEM: If you can’t do this for some reason, then your brain is smart enough to come up with another strategy. This often includes shifting your hips more as you walk. So instead of you pushing off with the fat pad of your big toe to take the next next step your push off with the side of your big toe. This is the Birthplace for a BUNION. This puts stress throughout your core and can lead to a slight bending of the spine.

WHY THAT IS A PROBLEM: When your spine bends the distance from your shoulder blade to spine changes on each side. This can alter the stability/mobility/strength of that shoulder.

TAKE HOME MESSAGE: Your brain will figure out a way to get the job done. We call this compensation. We have to remember that your body is one big machine with a bunch of pieces that must work together in harmony.

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