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PRE-habilitate, DON’T RE-habilitate!

PRE-habilitate, DON’T RE-habilitate!

As long as you are active, we have to be ready to understand the difference between being in PAIN and being HURT.

If you are HURT, that means you CAN’T go.
If you are in PAIN, that means you are being WARNED.

There are many ways to reduce pain, but the absolute BEST way to do this is to PREVENT it.

There are two important questions to ask when trying to prevent PAIN while maintaining a high level of fitness:

1. Do you joints move into position when required? (mobility)
2. Do your joints maintain position when required? (stability)

To answer this question with a “YES,” we MUST have proper skeletal alignment. Basically this means are your bones in the right place, to allow muscles to their job.


One way

Think about the fetal position for a second. We are brought into this with just one curve in our spine. We develop the arches in our lower and neck as result of dealing with the effects of gravity.

to reduce the chances of injury during exercise, is to look at curves of the spine. To protect our body from excessive stresses we want to try and keep the curves as consistent with a “neutral,” position as possible.

Remember that your spine starts off at your tailbone which sits between two pelvic bones. From the tailbone it travels upwards where it attaches to the rib cage and ends up holding on to your skull at the other end.  A lot of things can go wrong if your spine is out position, especially if we are talking about dealing with, as well creating force.

SELF TEST: To determine your alignment, stand against the wall with your heels, shoulder blades, and back of head touching. In your lower back, you shouldn’t be able to slide your hand clear across to the other side.

What to do if this is the case for you:

  1. Generally means that your abdominal’s and glutes are weak, while the muscles of your hips and lower back are overactive.

2. LOOK AT IMAGE. You can use the dowel rod to re-inforce good alignment while performing exercises like deadlifts and pushups.

In addition, you can use the image, to observe the differences in NATURAL CURVATURE that must take place to adapt to the conventional, sumo, and trap bar deadlifts.

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